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Machine Safety Light Curtains and Safety Relays
Sick S3000 Safety Laser Scanner
SICK introduces its next-generation safety laser scanner for safeguarding applications. The revolutionary S 3000 is an all-in-one solution designed to safeguard large work areas, protecting personnel and equipment from damage and injury in a broad array of applications. The S 3000 Series offers maximum flexibility, usable in both stationary and mobile applications as well as for horizontal and vertical safeguarding in point-of-operation, entry/exit and hazardous work areas. 
The S3000 features a 190 degree scanning range and four different levels of integrated functionality, for up to 16 user-definable protection scenarios. This integrated functionality enables simultaneous, stationary or dynamic protection within a work cell wherein the operator moves from one area to another (e.g. loading or unloading parts from a machine). The wider scanning range and multiple user-definable zones mean that only one scanner is necessary in applications that previously required multiple, stop-only safety mats, perimeter guards or light curtains to safeguard the same area, translating to significant cost savings.
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Pilz PNOZmulti Safety Controller
For safety applications of average complexity, using the PNOZmulti is the most economical solution. This new modular safety system from Pilz covers the area between 4 and 14 safety functions perfectly. PNOZmulti combines high flexibility with ease of operation: safety functions such as emergency stop, safety gates, light barriers, safety mats, two-hand etc. can be freely configured via the easy-to-use configuration software; no special knowledge is required.  
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Banner Mini-Screen™ Saftey Light Curtains
Rugged and compact light screen suitable for heavy-duty machine guarding applications. Each system includes emitter(s), receiver(s), controller, and interconnecting cables
Light screen heights from 114 mm to 1.2 m (4.5" to 4')
• 9 m (30') range with 19.1 mm (0.75") resolution*
• 18 m (60') range with 25.4 mm (1.00") resolution*
Heavy-duty light screen heights from 610 mm to 1829 mm (24" to 72")
• 18 m (60') range with 38 mm (1.5") resolution*    >pdf (2,140k)
Banner Heavy-Duty Rope-Pull E-Stop Switches
New heavy-duty models allow workers to shut down machinery along spans up to a 75 m (245') span saving critical time and product loss in emergency situations.
42 mm housing design with positive-opening safety contacts
IP67 and NEMA 4 rated, heavy-duty diecast metal housing
Two styles: standard eyebolt, or model with integral turnbuckle
Extra contacts allow monitoring or a dual-channel input to a safety   device     > pdf (885k)
Banner PICO-GUARD ™ FiberOptic Guarding System
PICO-GUARD is the newest and easiest way to safeguard hazardous machines. This optically synchronized, microcontroller-based and control-reliable photoelectric system is designed to be used with plastic fiber optic cable and quick-connect optical components specially designed for reliable non-contact detection. This revolutionary new safety system is incredibly versatile, efficient and easy to install. It combines various plug-on, snap-lock PICO-GUARD Fiber Optic Safety Interlock Switches and plastic fiber optic cable to monitor door, gate, and hard guards.
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