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Sensors Spotlite
Banner T-Gage The BANNER T-GAGE is a non-contact, infrared temperature sensor in a threaded 18mm sensor body. Easy to use teach programming makes setup quick and easy. Teach temperature events between 0 and 300 degrees C., Product motion not required for sensing, Distance to Spot Ratios of 6:1, 8:1, 14:1
Encoder Tru-Trac The ENCODER TRU-TRAC™ is a compact, easy to use, fully adjustable integrated encoder and spring loaded measuring wheel assembly. Monitoring speed, velocity or position has never been easier or more cost effective. Designed for use in almost any position and orientation, installation possibilities are endless. The threaded shaft on the pivot axis makes the unit reversible, allowing measuring from either side of the assembly.
Banner Pushbutton Set Ultrasonic Sensor
Designed for high accuracy at ranges up to 300 mm, the S18U provides reliable sensing of opaque or translucent objects and is not affected by color. A retro-sonic mode where the dead-zone is reduced to zero detects any object regardless of shape, angle or size that passes between the sensor face and a taught sensing point. >more

Sick Luminescence Sensors
Luminescence sensors are able to handle more advanced applications than standard photoelectric sensors.Luminescence sensors react to luminescent pigments which are activated by the UV light source in the scanner. The light, which is then reflected, is received and evaluated by the luminescence sensor.
  > more

Banner Part Eject Light Screen
LX Series: a small profile high-speed light screen that detects the smallest objects other systems miss. The LX was designed to be a no hastle, easy to align, high speed, precision part sensing light screen. It is ideal for accurate high speed sensing applications including parcel handling and conveyed object detection, parts ejection for die protection and small parts or pill counting.      > more
Turck Linear Transducer
The EZ-Track™ is a programmable, auto-tuning, non-contact linear displacement transducer. These sensors offer an alternative to proximity switches where continuous linear feedback is necessary. Utilizing magnetostrictive technology, the LDTs monitor the position of a magnet along the sensors active stroke without causing any wear on the sensor parts. An accuracy of +/- 0.1% and a repeatability of +/- 0.01% of the full stroke can be achieved. > request info
IDEC PS5R Slim Line Power Supplies
These new PS5R Slim Line models give you all the power of a traditional power supply in only half the space, with all the convenient features you've come to expect from IDEC. Like all IDEC switching power supplies, the PS55 Slim Line series has worldwide approvals, fused inputs, and overload protection. They are DIN Rail or direct surface mountable and have universal voltage inputs. No derating means you can save money, space, and time.    > more
Banner Q60 Laser Adjustable-Field Sensors
Available in both Class 1 or extended-range Class 2 laser formats, the Q60 Laser Series sensors feature a mechanically adjustable sensing cutoff point that allows them to reliably detect extremely small objects with relatively low reflectivity while ignoring background objects immediately behind the set cutoff point. The sensing cutoff point can easily be set from 200 mm to 1400 mm (8" to 55") for the Class 1 version and 200 mm to 2000 mm (8" to 80") for the Class 2 version.    
> more
Turck SmartPlug for Sensors
Quickly plug new functionality to your sensors and solve control problems on existing installations and without re-programming your PLC! By simply plugging SmartPlug into your sensor or switch, you can add control functions such as timing, counting, output converting and speed monitoring. Approximately two inches in length, the SmartPlug is connected to quick disconnect style sensors between the cable and the sensor. Programming is done through a simple “teach” input device available from TURCK.     > more
Turck Flow Sensors
These self-contained flow monitors use a single fully encapsulated sensing probe to monitor the flow of gases and liquids in industrial processes. They have no mechanical moving parts that can be gummed or clogged during various processes. Successful applications utilizing these sensors include: monitoring coolant or lubricant flow in industrial processes, run-dry protection for conveyor pumps, coolant in motors and drives, and the detection of filter blockage in waste water treatment applications.    > request info
Banner High Power Photoeye
WORLD-BEAM® QS30 Series High-Power Sensors are designed to provide maximum excess gain (burn-through) for accurate reliable sensing in applications with heavy fog, dust and industrial process contamination. Priced at just $219.00 per sensing pair, the Banner QS30EX and QS30RX emitter and receiver pair opposed-mode infrared sensors are the lowest priced in their class at less than half that of the nearest comparable product. > more
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