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The DUO-TOUCH® Run Bar with STB Self-Checking Optical Touch Buttons is designed to satisfy the ergonomic principles found in ANSI B11.TR1 to reduce the hand, wrist, and arm stresses associated with mechanical push buttons. The rugged 13-ga. steel housing is designed to prevent inadvertent switch actuation due to objects (such as loose clothing or debris) which might accidentally block the sensing beam.

The STB Touch Buttons are touch-activated photoelectric devices designed to replace capacitive touch switches and mechanical push buttons. Their outputs activate when a
finger is present in the yoke (“touch area”) of the switch, interrupting the button’s infrared sensing beam. These “buttons” require absolutely no physical pressure to operate, and are immune to EMI, RFI, and ambient light interference


  • Ergonomic design for reduced hand, wrist, and arm stresses associated with
    repeated switch operation; requires no physical pressure to operate
  • Designed to minimize the possibility of defeat and accidental actuation
  • Designed to comply with ANSI B11.19 and ISO 13851 (EN 574)
  • Robust 13 gauge (0.090") cold-rolled steel construction
  • Two diverse-redundant microcontroller-based photoelectric STB self-checking touch
    - Continuous internal self-checking operation
    - Immunity to ambient light, EMI and RFI interference
    - High excess gain to cut through heavy contamination
    - LED power, output, and fault indicators
  • Emergency stop button on some models
  • Designed to be interfaced with DUO-TOUCH SG two-hand control modules or other
    control systems that comply, at minimum, with ANSI NFPA 79 or IEC 60204-1 twohand
    control requirements (e.g., anti-tie down)
  • Accessory EZ-LIGHT™ with blue, red, green, and amber LEDs available
  • Accessory brackets and telescoping floor-mounted stands available

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Banner STB Run Bar
Banner DUO-TOUCH STB Run Bar
w/Optional Light and E-Stop
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