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Banner Industrial LED Lighting

Banner Engineering’s industrial LED lighting products are high-quality and energy-efficient lights that provide bright illumination for up to 50,000 hours. Robust, vibration-resistant housings and sleek designs make Banner Engineering’s LED lighting ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including machine lighting, enclosure lighting, visual inspection illumination and work cell lighting.

Spot Lights

Strip Lights

Area Lights


WLS27 LED Strip Lighting


Product Details

Heavy-duty LED strip lights are fully enclosed in a shatterproof copolyester shell to provide brilliant illumination for a broad range of applications in challenging environments.

  • Cylindrical shape design, ideal for laminar airflow applications
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP66, IP67 and IP69K construction
  • Chemically resistant copolyester housing
  • Available in eight lengths from 145 mm to 1130 mm
  • Daisy chain power to multiple lights
  • Capability to dim lights using the wiring pinout (Hi/Lo/Off)
  • Optional snap clips for easy installation and repositioning
  • Automatic temperature protection built into the unit. Above 50 °C, the light dims to manage heat and protect product lifetime

WLB32 LED Light Bars


Product Details

Banner’s WLB32 is a bright LED fixture that features an even light output to eliminate glare.

  • Energy efficient for overall cost savings
  • High/Low/Off switch allows users to customize light levels
  • Available as cascadable models for a continuous length of lighting, with a minimum of wiring
  • Metal housing, shatterproof window
  • Easy installation with snap clips, or a choice of magnetic or angle brackets
  • Available in AC or DC models
  • Available in 285 mm, 570 mm, 850 mm or 1130 mm
  • Motion detection models are ideal for locations that cannot use a physical switch or where the placement of the switch is not useful
  • Models featuring an eye shield window block direct line of sight to the domed window to increase eye comfort

WLB92 LED Light Bars


Product Details

The WLB92 is an ultra-bright LED fixture with an even light output which provides bright task lighting, enabling increased productivity.

  • Increase worker productivity and ergonomics with bright, high-quality, uniform light
  • Durable light stands up in your environment with a rugged metal housing and shatterproof light cover
  • No maintenance time or cost with long-life, energy-efficient LEDs
  • Flexibility to place light where needed with ac and dc models
  • Easy installation with variety of mounting options: surface, swivel, snap and hanging brackets
  • Available in white, warm white, blue, red, yellow and green
  • AC models are DLC qualified and have a five year warranty (see datasheet for details)

WLS28 LED Strip Lights


Product Details

Even, bright, highly efficient LED illumination for industrial control cabinets and work cells with poor factory lighting conditions.

  • Low-profile, space-saving design
  • Rugged, water-resistant IP69K option
  • Available in 8 lengths from 145 to 1130 mm
  • Lensed models or choice of clear or diffuse window
  • Cascade models for connecting multiple lights end-to-end, minimizing wiring
  • UV 365 nm and 395 nm wavelength models available for UV fluorescent and non-fluorescent applications
  • High/Lo/Off switch and non-switch models available
  • Low power consumption less than 9 watts per foot
  • Optional snap clips for easy installation and repositioning
  • Automatic temperature protection built into the unit. Above 50 °C, the light dims to manage heat and protect product lifetime

WL50 Work LED Lights


Product Details

Designed for enclosure or area lighting to illuminate a large area with an even pattern of light and no shadows.

  • Designed for enclosure or area lighting use with an optional flex arm mount for adjustable, industrial task lighting
  • Standard or push-button models available
  • Flat-mount or 30 mm base-mount models available
  • Rugged, sealed polycarbonate housing rated to IP69K (standard models) or IP67 (push-button models)
  • 12 to 30V dc operation
  • Cabled and quick-disconnect models available
  • Low power consumption less than 3 watts
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