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Sick CFP Cubic Level

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Product Details

Multifunctional sensor for level and temperature measurement

The CFP Cubic is a capacitive level sensor for taking continuous level, limit, and simultaneous temperature measurements. Thanks to intelligent MCiM technology (multi-capacitive intra-probe measuring), the CFP Cubic measures media over the entire length of the probe – irrespective of the container material and without the need for additional accessories. The probe’s plastic surface prevents deposits and ensures high resistance to aggressive media. The sensor’s intuitive setup uses a guided menu to ensure quick and easy adaptation to the measuring task. IO-Link allows the process data to be integrated into an automation network.

Product Features & Benefits

  • One sensor for two measuring applications – level and temperature measurement – reduces installation complexity and stock requirements
  • Simple, intuitive operation thanks to predefined menu navigation and integrated display
  • One sensor for two measuring applications reduces installation complexity and stock requirements
  • Flexible measurement in containers made of different materials – including plastic – without additional accessories
  • Measurement in small containers and close to the ground possible
  • Measurement in oils and water-based liquids without additional accessories saves on purchase and storage costs
  • Continuous level measurement and temperature measurement as well as level and temperature switches
  • Measurement irrespective of container material
  • Probe from 100 mm to 1,000 mm
  • Display and intuitive menu navigation
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • IP 67 enclosure rating and IO-Link 1.1
  • No dead zone along the measuring range
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