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TL50 Pro with Production Timer

Product Details


TL50 Pro tower lights are now available in models compatible with Pro Editor software for in-field customization of colors and animations without requiring IO-Link communication. Like the previously released IO-Link models, the new Pro Editor models provide highly visible indication of dynamic machine statuses including warm-up, transitional states, material level, and more.


With the Pro Editor software, users can easily customize the TL50 Pro tower light with a wide variety of predefined color and animation options without requiring IO-Link. Pro Editor models are discretely controlled and ideal for users who do not have IO-Link, but who want more control and customization than a standard indicator.


From classic segment control to advanced status indication, TL50 Pro tower lights enable a wide range of possibilities. The variety of colors and animations add nuance to the visual language of your machines and provide more insight at a glance. In addition to providing traditional status information with each segment, the whole TL50 Pro tower light can be used to indicate dynamic statuses.

  • Dynamic Status Indication

In addition to providing traditional status information with each segment, the whole TL50 Pro tower light can be used to indicate the following dynamic statuses:

Timer mode visually displays a countdown and provides assemblers with feedback on takt time remaining to keep production goals on target.  For example, a 5 segment TL50 Pro might start out with all segments lit green at the beginning of the process. As the time elapses, fewer and fewer segments are lit, and the color changes from green to yellow. With 20% time remaining, only the bottom segment remains lit and can change from yellow to red to warn assemblers that time is running out to complete the task.


Counter mode can be used to track part count on a production line. Similar to timer mode which displays time remaining, the TL50 Pro in counter mode can display the percentage of parts completed to track progress on production goals.


Using either PWM (pulse width modulation) or PFM (pulse frequency modulation) mode, the TL50 Pro can be used to provide highly visible indication of critical level statuses that can be seen from a distance. Staff can quickly diagnose whether level of material is too high or too low at a glance and are immediately prepared to respond to the situation.

Product Features & Benefits

Self-contained tower lights that provide users with custom indication by combining the vast color options provided by RGB LEDs with the versatile control capabilities offered by either Pro Editor software compatibility or IO-Link communication.

  • The TL50 Pro series allows users to configure color, flashing, rotation, and light intensity
  • Pro Editor-compatible models allow users to choose from predefined colors and program devices in the field without requiring IO-Link
  • Models with IO-Link communication enable almost limitless capacity for custom indication
  • Rugged, cost-effective, and easy-to-install
  • High-visibility, at-a-glance operator guidance and status indication
  • Available in black or light gray housing to match different machine styles
  • Audible models available with standard, sealed, or omni-directional audible element
  • Compact and beacon models are shorter and have a more intense display than standard models
  • Pro series tower lights provide classic segment control as well as advanced status indication that adds nuance to the visual factory


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