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Rittal VIP Operator Interface Enclosures

Modular Enclosures Made Simple

Rittal's new, flat panel VIP 6000 operator interface system offers modular solutions for countless applications.  It is available in a variety of sizes and versions that can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Its features include advanced ergonomics, high-tech design and a new fastening technique that accommodates virtually any control panel on the market.   Heat dissipation can be more than doubled by optional external cooling fins.

Every fastening point around the perimeter is adjustable (edge to center) from .28" to .51" (7mm to 13mm)

Because a control panel can be fastened to the compact VIP 6000 operator interface enclosure from the outside, installation and removal are easy.  Special clip-in clamps with sliding cage nuts provide spacing that accommodates virtually all hole patterns while colored plastic strips cover screw heads.  By removing the cage nuts, panels can be fastened with integral studs (minimum length .78"/20mm) which eliminates the need for additional installation bezels that are often required.


Custom configured sizes

You specify the required height and width of your control panel and we will supply the correct frame.  All you have to do is to check the installation criteria and determine the technical specifications.  That's how simple it is to custom design your own housing.  In addition, you can specify the configuration and part number of your enclosure.  Dimensions of modular accessories such as aluminum front panels, handles and cross mullions can be adapted to your specifications.


Eliminate heat without extra climate control components

While the standard version of the VIP 6000 housing offers excellent heat dissipation, added cooling fins can more than double heat removal.  This is achieved principally because the mounting channels on the inside of the enclosure provide optimum heat absorption, while outside fins radiate heat to the environment.  In many applications this virtually eliminates the need for additional climate control, thus saving money and energy.

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