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Solving Problems and Providing Automation Control Solutions to Industry since 1971

Maple Systems HMIs

Maple Systems HMIs

Maple Systems Basic Human Machine Interfaces are a great option for OEMs and end users looking for basic machine control that doesn’t require UL or other enhanced software features.

Banner Wireless Sensing

Banner Wireless Sensing

  • Predictive Maintenance: Monitor critical machine components
  • OEE / Productivity Monitoring: Gather production data remotely 
  • Call for Parts Solutions: Improve product flow to and from
Sick TiM-150

Sick TiM-150

Sick TiM series 2D LIDAR Scanners for area scanning

Banner LED Lighting

Indication, Illumination, Information  .. Endless Possibilities

Indication, Illumination, Information .. Endless Possibilities

  • LED Task Lights
  • LED Area Lights
  • LED Tower Lights
  • LED Hazardous Area Lights
  • LED Non Contact Panel Buttons
  • LED User Programmable Lights
  • LED Illuminated E-Stops
EPC ProfiNet and Ethercat Encoders

EPC ProfiNet and Ethercat Encoders

As more and more industrial applications switch to Industrial Ethernet, components need to keep up with the technology. That’s why EPC is now offering Absolute Encoders with both EtherCAT® and PROFINET® communication protocols.

Sick Multifunctional sensor for level and temperature measurement

Sick Multifunctional sensor for level and temperature measurement

The CFP Cubic is a capacitive level sensor for taking continuous level, limit, and simultaneous temperature measurements.

Design. Render. Order

Design. Render. Order

The Rittal Configurator System makes it easy to find, design and order floor standing and wall mount enclosures.  Select by a number of available filters including; choosing by product family, ip rating, dimensions, or by a combination of filters.

Quick Updates

Icotek Metric Inserts

The KT-M is ideal for creating an interface for signal, data, power or hybrid connectors by simply screwing them into the KT-M thread.

Banner Sensor Status Indicator

The S15L Series In-Line Sensor Status Indicator is a 15 mm diameter, two color indicator light that can be connected to a power source and a sensor to indicate power and output status.

Iboco Wiring Duct

Wiring duct from Iboco Haber follows the North American hole pattern

Turck IP67 Power

IP67, 230vac in, 24vdc out, 2a, 4a, 8a. Mount on machine where power is needed.

IDEC CW Oiltights

22mm oiltights, low projection from the panel surface reduces the possibility of unexpected activation or operator damage

EPC Tru-Trac Encoder

An integrated encoder and spring-loaded measuring wheel or pinion gear assembly available in one. The TRx is both easy-to-use and compact.

Adcon Engineering is a distributor of Industrial Automation Controls ranging from simple control relays to 3-D vision sensors and industrial wireless products.  Since 1971, we have been providing our customers with a wide variety of control solutions to help automate and streamline their manufacturing proccesses, improve the capabilites of the machines they build, and provide a safer workplace for their employees.  We offer a broad line of automation products from world class suppliers and we support those products with a well trained and technical sales staff.

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