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Product Details

Maple Systems Basic HMIs are a great option for OEMs and end users looking for basic machine control that doesn’t require UL or other enhanced software features offered by our Advanced HMI and Smart HMI products.
With hardware features comparable to Maple’s Advanced and Smart HMIs, the Basic HMI series is a cost effective way for companies to upgrade their machines at a minimal cost.
All Basic HMI models are IP65/NEMA 4, CE, and RoHS certified.

The Advanced HMI series offers the best value in today’s HMI marketplace with benefits including modern touchscreens, intuitive software, and great functionality. Enjoy enhanced features, trusted performance, affordable pricing, and unparalleled support to meet your most demanding automation needs.  Control Any Industry These units are used across many industries including packaging, food and beverage, oil and gas, medical, pharmaceutical, and more. The Advanced HMI series uses the same free* HMI configuration software as our Basic series, but with many enhanced software features such as IIoT data handling, remote access, enhanced security features, recipe management, email notifications, and more.

Product Features & Benefits

Maple Systems Basic HMI series offers a great solution for organizations focused on cost-driven and OEM-related projects.  Maple Basic HMIs provide standard HMI features and solid performance at the lowest price. You’ll also receive Maple’s outstanding and trusted technical support.

• 4.3 “, 7”, and 10.1” models

• Low HMI investment to replace push buttons and toggle switches

• Basic data handling HMI functions meet the project’s needs

• Utilizes core HMI features in our easy-to-use EZwarePlus software

• UL certification is not required on the HMI

• Ethernet and non-Ethernet models available

• Support of over 250 protocols

• Remote HMI programming is possible on models with a USB client port by using the project downloader utility.

• USB host port can be used by developers to upgrade project applications remotely by putting revisions onto a USB drive and sending it to the remote site for updates.

Advanced HMIs offer robust features, high-quality components, fast processors, and affordable pricing. All programmed with our free* configuration software.
• 4.3″ to 15″ models

• Easy-to-use configuration software

• Class I, Division 2 available

• Wi-Fi option available

• IP65/IP66/NEMA 4X, CE, and RoHS certified, Aluminum enclosures available

• MQTT, OPC UA, & EasyAccess 2.0

• Data logging, recipes, and advanced security

• Remote Access

• High-Resolution screen options

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