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In 2002 TURCK introduced flexlife-10, a high flex cable that guaranteed 10 million cycles of continuous flexing, bending and twisting. TURCK has continued its testing, and the cables have now surpassed 20 million cycles. Common applications for flexlife-20 highly flexible cable include cable carriers, robotic welding, assembly, material handling, dispensing and coating applications.
Banner Fiber Optic Guarding System
The Banner PICO-GUARD™ is a new fiber optic safety system that directly replaces mechanical safety interlock switches to safeguard potentially dangerous machines with a combination of control-reliable, non-contacting photoelectric and fiber optic technology.
Horner PLC + HMI Combined
The Horner Electric OCS combines integrated control with an operator interface, I/O and networking into one seamless solution to help lower control costs while providing unparalleled ease of use.
Red Lion Modular Controller
Build and integrate multi-zone PID process control systems or data acquisition systems in minutes, not hours.

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